So, there’s this Facebook group dedicated to fans of gorilla costumes, Ape Suit Cinema, and it’s full of some of the most talented and creative people you’ll ever meet. Naturally, I wanted to be a part of it.

Over a year ago, about the time I joined, someone decided to host a contest to present an utterly real trailer for for an utterly fake movie that had something to do with ape suits. The time frame was the entire year of 2018, with the deadline of New Years 2019. On December 13th, I asked Chris if I could borrow a suit. You know Chris Walas? The guy who got an Oscar for gluing some stuff onto Jeff Goldblum? Real sweet guy. Anyway, he let’s me take one.

On the 20th, my best buds Cherie and Bill and I took over Cherie’s backyard B’n’B, and spent the day goofing around with my Iphone and a banana. A week later I finalized the edit and pronounced it done.

Breaking News: My film won Second Place!

P.S. The logo up top is my new fake production company. I think I’ll keep it.

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