Imago Theater’s La Belle et La Bette

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Gilda maquette. My initial version.
Jerry Mouawad, the director, changed some details to match his style.
Here’s Big Gilda, straight from the CNC machine.
Prototype puppet heads I made for the Prince and the King. Jerry chose the two on the left and didn’t alter them.
Kings come in all sizes
One of the Belle puppets I made. She moved her head, dropped her right arm, raised her left arm, sat up straight, and stood up. Controlled by four cables. I did not make her face or hands. Erin Chmela did her hair.
Belle’s chair. No bottom so her mechanism can fit.

Transforming witch puppet, sans costume. Jerry’s sculpts. My mechs.
A quick demo of what she does.
Caution: Indelicate language.

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