Some years ago, while working at Masterpiece Models, I fabricated a mascot called Riley. Riley the Adventure Boy.  I don’t know what happened to the company that paid for it. Must have gone on an adventure. Just like the Little Prince.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the process.

Riley Challenge
The client’s design.

Picture 058
Trace the image and blow it up to kind of life size.

Picture 056
Block out chunks of polyurethane foam.

Picture 057
Draw outlines and cut out.

Picture 065
Sand until it looks right.

Picture 072
Add more hair.

Picture 074
Carve a torso, pants and sneakers.

Picture 093
Glue together.

Picture 225
Attach arms and sculpt details with epoxy clay.

Picture 246
Finish details.

Picture 289

Picture 293

Picture 294

“Nonsense. Of course there’s a Loch Ness Monster. I should know. I married her daughter.” Sir Dashiell Woundwort, shortly before signing the divorce papers.

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